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My Story so Far

How moving to Australia, was a happy accident.


How I started living in Australia – by accident

Picture this: It’s January 2020. I was 33, single and recently moved back home from being burnt out from my TV producer job in London, and with no idea what to do next. Having everything I owned in a storage unit, and back in my childhood room was not part of the life plan. So I did what any normal person would do, and decided to travel Australia for a month.

It was amazing, a road trip down The Great Ocean Road, visiting my dad, drinking amazing coffee, and then the day I was meant to fly back to merry old England, I decided I wasn’t ready to leave it. I was going to stay a few more weeks and figure my life out. The very next day, Covid lockdown began. I had an amazing time staying with family, although I also didn’t have any friends I wasn’t related too.

Looking back, I could never have guessed how my entire life would change. But here’s the cliff notes:

June 2020: Made my first TikTok

July 2020: Went viral (my mum was very impressed as I was even above Trump in the news.

August 2020: Got a job videoing cheese, (yea, that was real), and all because of TikTok, and moved to the Sunshine Coast.

January 2021: Lost Job. Got another one for a YouTube Company

May 2021: Convinced sister to move to Australia. Told her drying clothes was super easy here and she wouldn’t need a tumble dryer.

December 2021: Went on a super awkward date. Not important to overall story but sympathy is nice.

September 2021: Gave a talk for the labour women’s union. And stuff dozen of Lindors in my jacket pocket.

January 2022: Lost another job (geez, can a girl not get a break here)

January 2022: Screw it, I’m going to work for myself. It’s now or never.

March 2022: Sister moves to Australia with husband and nephew. Torrential rain and floods for the next six weeks. Turns out a tumble dryer would have been very handy. But, Pancake Saturdays are now a thing.

July 2022: Released a course ‘Moving to Austral-Yah’. And I’m pretty proud.

August 2022: I turned 36. But still look, awesome.


Visited Countries





What now?

Isn’t that the million dollar question. My sister thinks I work in IT, and my mum tell’s people I’m on ‘The TikTak’. I work with brands, charities, and for my own channel. My goal? To make people laugh.

Some days are easier than others, but with coffee and Jesus (and a second coffee), I can do anything.