WorkinAus – Ep3 – April Edition

Sparky, chippy, chalkie, acca, bean counter = whatever job you’re looking for in Australia, the Aussies have a nickname for it.

You probably have 1000 reasons why you’re thinking about moving to Australia. The sun, lifestyle, better pay, beautiful beaches, great for kids and more importantly – the coffee is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to move to Australia?

But the reality is, moving across the world can be super stressful. Where do you even start?

Well the first thing I would do is find a job – it will help the rest of the dominoes fall into place. 

The best website I recommend is WorkinAUS – an amazing job marketplace with access to thousands of available jobs. Including ones that offer sponsorship and permanent residency opportunities. 

Did I forget the best part? It’s completely free. 

To find the best job for you, tailor your profile to not only help you find your dream job, but to also help you stand out from other candidates. Upload your resume, add an introductory video, personal summary, any extra languages you speak or licenses or certificates you hold (show off what you can do!)

Then tell WorkinAUS what you’re looking for. What’s your salary expectations? What Job field do you want to work in? (Agriculture, teaching, a trade or hospitality), and then where you want to live.

Then WorkinAUS will match the perfect jobs that fit your criteria, experience and #lifegoals. 

Here is your to-do list:

  • Create FREE profile on WorkinAUS (add those extra details)
  • Apply to matched jobs
  • Get dream job and move to Australia
  • Finally figure out what a ‘chalkie’ is.

Your dream life is only a few clicks away.


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