WorkinAus – Ep1 – Introduction

Things they should tell you, before moving to Australia – like how to find a job!

Moving to another country is stressful enough, let alone trying to work. 

So you gotta check out ‘WorkinAUS’ –  it’s an amazing jobs marketplace website that specializes in hiring international talent – like you!

And not only is it FREE to use, but it’s super simple.

Say you want to work in hospitality and your dream is to live in Melbourne (and drink the world’s best coffee on a daily basis).

Search ‘Categories’ and tick ‘Hospitality and Tourism’, then set your location to Melbourne, VIC.

Click search and viola! It comes up with all the jobs that would suit you.

OR, if you wanna be a wild card, enter the job title you’re looking for. Let’s say an electrician – known in Australia as a sparky – and leave the location empty. 

Then when you hit search, it will come up with all the electrician related jobs from anywhere in Australia. So that can be the deciding factor on where you live! And they have thousands of different job titles all across Australia, so you can really choose where you want to live and what you want to do. 

Make sure you fill in your full profile so you can get jobs matched and served to you that fit your criteria and experience.

WorkinAUS is an amazing jobs marketplace, because their mission is to create a direct line between international talent and Australian employers and recruiters. It brings international job seekers, employers and recruiters together in one seamless platform designed for a world where borders shouldn’t be barriers.

As long as you have a Working Holiday Maker Visa, you can get started right away to find the ideal job and live your dream life in Australia. Just create your free account, upload your resume and let the WorkinAUS tech find job matches made for you. So check it out and let me know how it goes!


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